Who is the best IVF doctor in Noida?

best IVF centre in Noida

Regardless of the reasons, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a blessing for couples unable to reproduce. Every couple hopes to have a child at some point, but many are denied this happiness for many reasons, usually medical ones. Most of these couples who wished for children had no treatment options in the past. With the development of cutting-edge technology and equipment, a fertility specialist in Noida can now make the wishes of most of these couples a reality.

Infertility can affect either partner, but both partners may experience the issue in some situations. IVF is not always the best option for treating infertility. Before arriving at the fertility clinic, patients undergo various fertility therapies, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI), fertility drugs, and other methods. Many couples today consider IVF a delicate medical technique when they are having trouble getting pregnant. 1 in 7 couples in Delhi are expected to require some fertility support from an IVF clinic in Noida in the modern-day scenario.

Do You Need an IVF Treatment?

Choosing IVF and an IVF clinic in Noida is a decision you shouldn't make in a hurry. Doctors typically suggest an IVF treatment when a couple is unsuccessful in conceiving after trying for a year. You might be an ideal candidate for IVF if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Endometriosis: It is a disorder where the uterine tissues develop outside the uterus and implant.
  • Unexplained Infertility: When the reason for infertility has not been identified despite numerous tests, it is referred to as unexplained infertility.
  • Fallopian tube obstruction: A fallopian tube obstruction makes it challenging for the sperm to fertilise the egg.
  • Impaired Sperm Production: The fertilisation process might be made more challenging by sperms that move slowly or have abnormalities in their size and structure.
  • Problems in ovulation: Patient with low AMH or high AMH often have problems in forming eggs and hence in having a pregnancy.

How Does the IVF Procedure Work?

IVF is completely different from other infertility treatments. The procedure is frequently followed by an infertility examination, during which your doctor will try to determine your sexual preferences and any known causes of infertility. Your doctor will specifically want to run tests to evaluate your overall health, check ovarian function, check thyroid conditions, and check for excessive prolactin levels.

Your doctor at the best IVF centre in Noida begins the IVF procedure after conducting the infertility evaluation and determining that it is viable. The doctor specifically removes the eggs from the ovaries, which are subsequently fertilised in the lab. The fertilised eggs are then kept in a favourable environment until they become viable embryos, at which point one is restored to the mother's womb.

What Are In Vitro Fertilisation Success Rates?

A successful IVF cycle for a young, healthy couple has a success rate of 60-70%. Thankfully, you can take steps to increase your chances of getting pregnant. For instance, you can keep your weight in check, as your doctor has instructed. To improve the quality of the sperm and prevent any anomalies in the semen, your partner can also take some supplements. Finally, it would be wise to collaborate with an embryology lab that employs skilled reproductive endocrinologists.

Qualities of the Best IVF Specialist

Although there are many IVF specialists in India, finding the best doctor could be challenging. While the education and qualifications of the doctor are of paramount importance, there are many other things to consider before choosing a fertility specialist in Noida. The following characteristics make an IVF doctor 'the best' and perfect for treating your infertility issue.

Compassion and Empathy: The ideal IVF specialist ought to have a strong sense of empathy and sympathy for their patients. Patients require a doctor who can empathise with their hardships because infertility is highly emotional.

Observation of Details: The top IVF specialist should keenly pay attention to detail to ensure that every part of the patient's care is handled properly. Paying close attention to the details is essential to getting excellent results, from identifying the primary reason for infertility to developing the best treatment strategy.

Cutting-edge technology: The best IVF centre in Noida should be able to offer the most cutting-edge infertility treatments thanks to access to advanced technology and equipment. Reproart Fertility, located in Noida, is outfitted with the most modern technology and medical tools, including cutting-edge ultrasound machines, embryology labs, and operating rooms.

Highly Effective Communication: The foundation of a healthy doctor-patient relationship is effective communication. The top IVF specialists should be able to explain complicated medical ideas to people clearly and concisely. Dr Ratnaboli Bhattacharya at Reproart Fertility, Noida, is renowned for her exceptional interpersonal skills and capacity to explain medical procedures concisely and clearly to her patients.

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