Procedure of Getting Pregnant with IVF

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Babies are like blessings. Parenting kids gives a charm to monotonous lives. Regular work and daily chores become enjoyable with the cute smiles of a child. That is why people leave no stone unturned to get a baby. If it happens naturally, all is good. Otherwise, medical supervision from an advanced fertility centre can help you meet your child soon.

What is IVF?

IVF is the abbreviation for in vitro fertilisation. It is a fertility treatment to solve female and male fertility problems. Eggs from a woman's ovaries fertilise with sperm under monitored conditions. Then the fertilised embryos are kept under the observation of specialists before transferring them into the woman's uterus after a few days.

This process is the most accepted and well-known among people facing issues with childbirth. IVF is opted for when the remaining methods of conception turn futile. For instance, people having infertility, damaged fallopian tubes, less sperms, or increased age concerns can take the opportunity to conceive a child by IVF technique.

Having babies with the help of IVF techniques

IVF was earlier a relatively rare procedure or done on an experimental basis. The advanced medical infrastructure and technologies have created awareness and understanding of reproductive medicine among the general public. And it is the reason behind its accessibility and success. Today, it is an established field of studies and regulated practice, with many clinics and individuals specialising in it.

The next point is In vitro fertilisation is not the first treatment option for infertility. When the remaining fertility treatments and medicines bear negative results, IVF is reliable to complete the journey of becoming parents. It considers personal emotions, age advancements, and other preferences of would-be parents.

Several couples have had children with IVF procedures who could not conceive naturally. It effectively resolves blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, and other fertility conditions. Additionally, it facilitates the genetic testing of embryos in the laboratory before implantation. Therefore, it promotes the testing and prevention of embryonic genetic disorders.

Associated procedures with IVF

Several fertility treatments align with IVF to optimise the chances of attaining pregnancy. The skilful amalgamation of these procedures follows the specific needs of the individuals undergoing IVF.

  • Ovarian stimulation makes the ovaries produce multiple eggs in a cycle. Doctors administer fertility medications like gonadotropins to stimulate the ovaries. As a result, more eggs are available for retrieval for IVF procedures.
  • IUI is another procedure that supplements IVF. In this process, fertility experts directly inject sperms into the uterus. Thus, the chances of conception enhances in cases where male infertility factors interfere with pregnancy.
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing, or PGT, accompanies IVF to screen the viable embryos for genetic conditions or chromosomal anomalies. Thus, healthy embryo selection for implantation reduces the risk of genetic disorders in the newborn.
  • The remaining viable embryos go for preservation by cryopreservation for future use. Thus, it saves individuals from repeating the whole procedure of the IVF cycle. Therefore, they can attempt pregnancy saving time, cost, and additional ovarian stimulation procedures.
  • ICSI can be a technique to improve the chances of successful pregnancy along with IVF.

Expert fertility specialists at your service

You can opt for an IVF procedure to get your child at the Reproart Fertility IVF clinic in Noida. All the above procedures are available for your infertility problems at relatable prices. Highly qualified doctors with years of working experience assist you throughout the process. Our doctors are clever and conscious in using tailored treatment methods for a particular couple. Their profound experience and consistent practice have made them proficient in their work.

The laboratories have top-quality computerised machines and digital tools. Our experts use specific fertility treatments with IVF to ascertain success in conceiving a child. Moreover, they plan the treatment to maximise the positive possibilities following the unique needs and medical history.

The staff and officials are well-trained and accustomed to the procedures. Thus, they guide every couple through the treatment procedure and encourage them to have hope. Many times one cycle is not enough to attain a pregnancy. In such cases, our staff and experienced nurses help you stay motivated and have faith in our dedicated professionals to complete the process.

Our multispeciality fertility centre works for people in India and abroad. We work to preserve the human culture and introduce advanced machinery to customise the needs of our patients. We bring smiles to faces irrespective of their credentials.


Infertility problems bring in depression, negative thoughts, social isolation, and loneliness. Family and friends are the best ones to support an individual or couple in such circumstances. Mental and physical care for yourself becomes essential to overcome the problem and find a way out. People must read about the different procedures, learn about their details, consult a fertility specialist, and start their suggestive steps to start their family with kids.