ReproArt Fertility is a leading fertility treatment centre that offers its patients with all sorts of fertility related services including intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization and fertility enhancing surgeries. The different treatments offered by us help numerous couples to solve their reproductive issues. We also arrange free camps and seminars for the interested couples to give them an opportunity to consult us or enlighten them about the process in which our treatments can help them. While providing services to our patients or interested groups, it is necessary for us to collect and store essential information related to the concerned individuals. In this regard 'you' and 'your' refer solely to the patient party and 'we', 'us' or 'our' stands for ReproArt Fertility Pvt. Ltd. You can access our website at

We at ReproArt Fertility consider the privacy of our customers to be our first priority. We value the faith that is put in us by you and therefore try to safeguard the personal details you share with us. Often it is important for our clients to understand how much or in what manner ReproArt Fertility uses the details shared by them with us. Read these Privacy Policy statements in order to know in detail what are the details we gather from you.

ReproArt Fertility follows a standard procedure for accessing your information. We highly recommend you read the terms and conditions stated under the section of Privacy Policy before dealing with us further. If you do not consent to our Privacy Policy, we would urge you to refrain from using our services or browsing through our website.

We collect, store, and analyse the personal information collected from our patients in order to provide them proper treatment and use them for research purposes. We would like to assure our beneficiaries that our practices and policies are fair and transparent keeping in with the laws formulated by the Government of India. We also advise you not to be misguided by any touts or duplicate websites pretending to be us or operating under our name. While scheduling your appointments or making online payment transactions, ensure that you are working with us and us only on our official website.

Personal Information We Collect

The issue of trust works both ways. As it is important for you as our client to rely on us, similarly it is crucial for us to ensure that the people benefitting from our clinic are trustworthy and upright individuals. When you are a bonafide patient of our clinic or have attended any of our day-long seminars, it is required that we gather certain private information related to you. This is done only for your benefit so that we can serve you better or keep you informed about the progress or updates related to your past, ongoing, or upcoming treatment.

As and when you avail our diverse fertility related services, it becomes essential for us to keep a record of our clientele. You would be required to provide your identification details such as name, postal address, and contact details including email address, and contact number. We also gather information about your medical history in order to determine the precise manner of treatment that would be best for you. ReproArt Fertility does not intend to misuse or abuse any of the information collected from you. Our operating policies are fair, honest, and transparent, and we request our prospective clients to act as responsible citizens and not misappropriate our noble services.

You may provide us with any of the GOI approved identification such as Aadhaar Card, issued by UIDAI, an Indian passport, a Voter ID Card, issued by the Election Commission of India, an Overseas Citizenship of India document, a Person of Indian Origin Card, and PAN Card, issued by the Income Tax Department. You can choose to complete your payment in either online or offline mode. Make sure to use a valid bank account of a bank recognised by the Indian government while making your payment in the online mode.

Whether you finally decide to take our services or not, whenever you contact our Executive over the telephone or via email, you need to provide us basic personal details such as Name, D.O.B, Residential Address, Gender, and Contact Details. Our Executives might reach out to you via Email or Phone. You may also give us access to your social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram over which we can connect with you to keep you informed. The data provided to us by third-party platforms have no liability with us. Nevertheless, the data provided to us by you while availing our services come solely under our Privacy Policy.

Use of Data

ReproArt Fertility may display advertisements from or contain a link to other websites. These websites preserve their policies related to cookies and the collection and use of personal information. You can review these policies yourself. We may also use the medical details provided by you for research purpose and to suggest you appropriate recommendations.

Cookie Policy

ReproArt Fertility uses 'cookies' to enhance your user experience. When you visit our website from your desktop or smartphone, we use cookies to store information regarding the user's preferences and the pages on our website that you visit. When you choose to avail any of our services, we send 'cookies' to your device in order to generate recommendations and make the site more convenient for you to use. A cookie is a short text file recorded on your hard drive or smart device that recognizes you as an unique user and contains data about your specific login session and activities.

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