How Much Does IVF Cost?

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Motherhood is the most beautiful feeling that a woman gets in her life. Children consider their mothers as the shade from all the atrocities of the world. But many women yearn to get those lovely moments with children and try their best to acquire motherhood. Often they face miscarriages or premature delivery and lose their child. This demoralises them, and they break from the inside. An advanced fertility centre gives preferred solutions for their inefficiencies.

What is IVF?

Before opting for IVF, one must get the basic knowledge about the treatment. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is an advanced medical technology to assist individuals or couples struggling with fertility issues to conceive a child. It is the process of combining an egg and a sperm outside the body. IVF experts undertake the process in a laboratory setting to create thriving embryos.

Then the best embryos are introduced to the woman's uterus for a successful pregnancy. Here are the steps included in the IVF procedure.

  • The lady undergoes hormonal therapy to activate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. Later, these eggs are retrieved using a minor surgical procedure.
  • At the same time, the male partner has to give a semen sample to find the healthiest and most active sperm under laboratory conditions.
  • Then the eggs and sperms are combined to allow fertilisation. If fertilisation occurs successfully, the resulting embryos are monitored for a few days for cell division and then transferred to the uterus to achieve pregnancy.
  • After the transfer of embryos, the woman has to wait for a couple of days to ensure healthy implantation. An interesting fact about the IVF procedure is that transfer of double embryos often result in twin children.

Some facts about IVF

Many people in India still think multiple times before opting for IVF, as the procedure occurs outside the human body and in laboratory conditions. However, it turns out to be a boon to couples who desire to have children but cannot conceive naturally.

  • It is the best option for couples with reproductive challenges like genetic disorders.
  • The success rate varies with age, overall health, and embryo quality. As a result, for some couples multiple cycles of IVF may be necessary before a successful pregnancy.
  • The process often results in multiple pregnancies.
  • IVF works effectively for individuals or couples of different age groups because fertility issues affect people irrespective of age. Therefore, IVF helps them overcome such challenges.
  • The IVF pregnancy cost is about 1,00,000 to 3,50,000 rupees in India for a single cycle.

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The best medical services for IVF treatment

If you want to consult a qualified fertility specialist for accurate information and guidance tailored to individual circumstances, Reproart Fertility is an answer to your search. The high-profile doctors, laboratory technicians, and staff services will help you gain confidence in your ventures.

Our professional medical services have brought smiles to innumerable couplesthroughout India . We have supported many couples who could not afford the medical services with charitable prices. In this way, we have stood alongside our people to fulfil their desires of giving birth to a child at prices within their range. The exclusive services are available at reasonable prices allowing every couple to get a happy family filled with chuckles from their children.

  • We have completed more than 800 IUI cycles and 2500 IVF cycles.
  • Our fertility centre has received many awards and accreditations from top names in the industry.
  • An overall 80% success rate in creating successful pregnancies through multiple fertility treatments and the best medical infrastructure has been registered from our medical institution.
  • Our advanced equipment includes a high-resolution ultrasonography machine, Laminar air flow, Centrifuge machine, Incubators, and microscopes.

Everything is done under medical supervision using modern technologies and digital tools. Therefore, our patients get flawless medical services with utmost care and compassion. We do not boast about our contributions to the parenthood journey of our clients. Our clients’ trust and belief in us have made us more confident and efficient in our work. Moreover, the procedures are available at cost-effective prices without compromising the quality of the services. Therefore, you can depend on our valuable support and guidance to get into the new genre of life through a successful pregnancy.


So whatever your issue is, we are here to guide and support you with our advanced procedures and techniques to solveit. ReproArt Fertility Centre works for the benefit of people without draining their pockets. There are no hidden charges for our proficient services. We aim to deliver happiness to every house with our constant and transparent efforts. You can get all the details from our website and start planning for your family.

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