Dr. Ratnaboli Bhattacharya is a vastly experienced doctor treating patients of infertility with ovulation induction, IUI, or IVF/ICSI as well as novel methods like GCSF, PRP, stem cell therapy, embryo glue, laser hatching, endometrial receptivity assays, and Polscope imaging while working in various prestigious institutes across the country. Through years of work, she has gained proficiency in stimulation protocols for IVF, ovum pick-up and embryo transfers, and advanced technologies like ICSI, surgical sperm retrieval, and in vitro maturation. She has years of experience in dealing with fertility patients and is well versed in managing all high risk and difficult patients.

She holds a special interest in social egg freezing, third-party reproduction, fertility preservation, and fertility in cancer. She is highly experienced in treating patients with previous IVF failures, repeated implantation failures, poor responders, endometriosis, PCOS, TB and male infertility. She is an expert in treating different gynaecological conditions and has rich experience in performing complicated fertility-enhancing surgeries.

Dr. Ratnaboli stands apart with her kindness and genuinity towards all her patients. She has earned an MRCOG Degree from the prestigious Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists , London, UK in addition to her MBBS, MS and DNB from some of the Top ranked medical institutes in the country. She has been trained in Infertility under Prof Dr BN Chakravarty, who is the pioneer of IVF in India. She is one of the few infertility doctors in the country who have received the prestigious Fellowship of National Board (FNB). She has been trained in endoscopy from AIIMS, New Delhi, one of the premier institutes in the country. The rigorous training that Dr Ratnaboli has received, alongwith her vast experience of 14+ years makes her one of the most experienced and sought after Class apart from most of the doctors in her field.

Her qualifications make her training and patient approach class apart from the wave of typical fertility doctors in Noida. She provides individualized treatment plans to all her patients. Her belief and understanding has always been such that everybody is different and hence their requisites need to be custom planned too. She treats all her patients with compassion and love. Her medical practices have always had an unrelenting personal dedication which has helped patients feel secure, safe and confident in the outcome of the treatments.

Dr. Ratnaboli Bhattacharya
MBBS, MS , DNB, MRCOG (London),
FNB (Infertility )